Imec - City of Things

Latest Work for ViaVictor & IMEC

Agency: Via Victor
Concept & Creative Direction: Wout Neys & Matthias Debruyn
Production: Liesbeth Buysse
Styling: Stéphanie Spens
Make Up: Emmanuelle Bastiaensen
Assistance: Samir Dari
Retouches: Eclipse Creative Retouching

Albert Heijn - We Make Your Day

For Albert Heijn Belgie we created two concepts for their upcoming Ambassador Project. The first concept existed in creating awareness about the different job descriptions within the company and that those jobs aren't just job descriptions but executed by actual people who find pride and satisfaction in their work.
We created 8 video portraits. One portrait for each job description, portraying the person behind the job and their opinion about their job.

The second concept was to demonstrate the impact was of the employees action on the customer experience. For this I wrote 3 scripts to demonstrate this.

In total we filmed 11 movies in 6 days on 7 locations.

For all movies we worked with actual employees. Since it was an Ambassadors Project to motivate employees we made sure they came nothing short! (Hurrah for Bouncerocks.)

Full versions can be viewed here: Albert Heijn Ambassadors Project

Client: Albert Heijn België
Scripts: Niko Caignie
Direction: Niko Caignie
DOP: Niko Caignie
Second Camera: Ian Segal
Edit: Niko Caignie & Ian Segal
Production: BounceRocks
Make Up & Styling: Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen & Chloë Köpping

Compilation of the 8 video portraits

Compilation of the 3 experience scripts.

And "The making of" by Jose Huedo

Full versions can be viewed here: Albert Heijn Ambassadors Project